Sticking to her mission-Help life enjoy nature and health, StarHealth Group is specialized in the medical and health industry and dedicated to the standardized planting and processing of herbal raw materials, R&D and production of herbal extracts and herbal essence and formula, and marketing of Laboratory and testing equipment and devices in life science.

In the field of botanical raw materials, we are dedicated to developing planting materials of right species, in the right place, with advanced technology, and in a sustainable way. We have established high-standard quality management system with full traceability in entire industry chain. We are now among top 10 exporters of herbs in China.

In the field of botanical ingredients, we are focused on continuously promoting our capability in raw materials ensuring, quality management and R&D. Our extracts, herbal essence and formula are widely used in the field of pharmaceuticals, personal care, food, health products and feed.  

In the field of life science, we are dedicated to promoting the application of innovative technology and products. We have built marketing advantages in the scientific equipment and technical support. 

Based on over 30 years experiences gained in the large-scale listed medical and pharmaceutical corporation, StarHealth Group devotes to the development of medical and health industry, with the aim of benefiting mankind and contributing to community.