In line with the concept that R & D Innovation drives the development of enterprises, StarHealth continues to establish and improve our own R & D Innovation System. We have cooperated with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other universities in related fields and set up joint laboratories, innovation and optimization in the areas of sustainable development of resources, technological innovation in production and application of products in the market, including:
①Planting techniques and provenance screening of natural botanical resources
②Studies on the separation and purification of active components from natural plants
③Development and application of delivery system of active components from natural plants
④Formulation Development and efficacy evaluation of natural products in medicine, food, personal care and other fields
StarHealth actively takes part in setting up international, domestic industry standards and group standards. In 2020, StarHealth undertook the drafting of four industry standards led by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products. StarHealth acted as the leading drafter for “Glabridin”, and as assisting drafter for “Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate”, “Licorice Extracts(powder)” and “Siberian Ginseng Extract”. StarHealth succeeded in application of National project of the Ministry of Science and Technology -《The intergovernmental international scientific and technological innovation cooperation & scientific and technological innovation cooperation between Chinese Central Government with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan on key special projects under significant national R&D plan of China - Green biological manufacture and high value development of key components from Glycyrrhiza glabra》, and make our own contribution to the “Belt and Road”.
   Our R & D Center opened in 2019. It is located in the Tianjin Research Center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Jingbin Industrial Park, Wuqing District, Tianjin. It is 50 km from the central city of Beijing, covering an area of about 500 square meters.
   The Center is a joint laboratory established by StarHealth and the College of Life Science of Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Based on the College's research experience and achievements in the field of biosynthesis and efficient separation of natural active ingredients and combining StarHealth's own R & D system and years of experiences gained in the industry, we are trying to build a R&D and innovation platform for the purpose of developing high-quality and cost-effective natural botanical products for global market.
   The Center is focused on separation, purification, efficacy evaluation and market application of botanical active ingredients, for the purpose of supplying safe and reliable high-quality products with high bioavailability and solutions to the field of medicine, food, personal care and so on. The Center also help train students and incubate projects from Beijing University of Chemical Technology.
   The Center consists of natural active ingredient separation and purification lab, efficacy evaluation lab, product application and development lab, nano-transmission system lab, analysis and testing lab. It is also equipped with a 100,000-level purification pilot production workshop, with capability of production from grams to hundreds kilograms.